Multi-dimensional energy healing & upgrade

In a multidimensional healing & energy upgrade session, I convey healing energies from the higher realms. These energies are guided by spirit and are always governed by your soul / higher self. They are based on the intention you have set for the session, but moreover the energies are always what you need and can handle in this given moment.

Could this be something for me?

  • Do you feel emotionally distressed and don’t know what to do about it?
  • Do you have physical ailments and all your previous options didn’t work?
  • Do you feel the need for more clarity and peace of mind?
  • Are you longing for a stronger connection to the spirit world?
  • Do you feel stuck in life and want to find new openings for action?
  • Do you feel depressed and want to find more joy in your life?
  • Do you feel out of alignment and want to find it back but don’t know how?

When I work with you and spirit, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to receive and follow my guidance. When you feel drawn to work with me, you will always receive what your higherself / soul and spirit team want you to receive. But let me be clear. A session with a healer may or may not lead to instant healings or a direct solution to your problem. The fact that you are stuck in your specific area of interest is because there is a lesson for you to learn there. I can help you with that through connecting with your spirit guides, but what they will convey to you is not up to you or me. So results can come rather quickly or take some time. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come immediately. Often I get enough information to help you navigate towards the next steps that ultimately lead to your desired results.

What might happen in a session?

Mostly during the session I will receive the information of what is allowed to happen for you. Although often before a session I already receive telepathic communication and/or insights of what is needed during the session. The list below is a sample of things that can happen. Often just a few will actually be relevant for you in the time we have for that session. My advice is to be open for everything without expecting anything.  

  • I transmit healing energy through my hands into your energy field
  • I transmit healing energy through my hands into your body by touch
  • I transmit healing energy through toning (sound vibration) 
  • I guide you into visualizing geometric structures (i.e. pyramids) that have a direct effect on your energy field
  • I guide you into visualizing light in specific parts of your body and around your body
  • I guide you into a visual meditation where you can meet one of your personal spirit animals.
  • I guide you into a visual meditation where you can meet one of your spirit guides.
  • I channel (spirit speaking through me) a direct message from spirit
  • I apply shamanic healing techniques where I work with spirit to transmute energy that is stuck in your body and/or energy field.
  • I help release parasitic energies that feed of your energy field and transmute them back to the higher realms of light.
  • I help release a stuck soul that conceals itself in your energy field and guide him/her back to the higher realms of light.

With what kind of conscious energies am I working?

Who comes through in a session is always decided upon by your higher self / soul. It knows best what it is you need right now and it knows exactly what you can handle. So you can trust that whatever happens is exactly what needs to happen right now. Most of the time I don’t know what will come through and this is not necessary to know in order to have a successful session. I do know that I have a strong connection with certain multidimensional intelligences who have made their presence known to me. These include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Angelic realms
  • Animal spirits
  • Shamanic spirits
  • Ascended masters
  • Arcturian collective
  • Pleiadian collective
  • Green being collective  
  • Cetacean collective
  • Hathors
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Jeshua
  • Your ancestral lineage 
  • Your higher self

During the session I will also be working with crystals. These will be placed around you or on you, depending on what is needed. The crystals have multiple functions but one of their main functions is to help enhance and direct the multidimensional energies being downloaded to this dimension.

Practical information about an in-person session with me

When you book your session with me, make sure you set aside at least 2 hours of your time for the session…

Day(s) before the session: usually the information for a session begins to be downloaded in my awareness day(s) before a session. This gives me already an idea of what is needed for the specific session. My experience is that no two sessions are the same. Every single session is perfectly molded by spirit to create the most relevant experience at this point in time.

Pre-session (20-30 min): When you arrive, we take our time to settle and to get clear on your intention for the session. We discuss anything relevant and I make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Session (25-40 min): When the session starts, the energetics have their own unique flow, but rarely last longer than 40 minutes. This really depends on how much you are allowed to receive and are able to handle.

Post-session (20-30min): We discuss what came up for you during the session. I share what information came through to me for you. We discuss relevant insights and I share practical ways of implementing whatever relevant information needs to be integrated. I will write everything down for you and if you prefer I can record the post-session sharing for you. You will be sent an e-mail with all the relevant information from the session and also knowledge sources for further inquiry (when relevant).

Practical information about an online session with me

When you are not able to see me in person, an online session through zoom is always a good alternative. For receiving the energies, it actually doesn’t matter if you are here or somwhere else on the planet. Energies are transmitted through the quantum field and this invisible field of energy is not bounded by space or time and you will feel and experience the same as an in person session.

Pre-session (20-30 min): since you probably be in the comforts of your own home, the pre-session will be not very different as stated above. Only I want to make sure you are able to both communicate with me, as being able to sit in your prefered meditation position as being able to lay down comfortable in a space near your computer. Also make sure no one will be disturbing you during the session! Tell the people living with you that you need your space for at least 2 hours. This is very important.

Session (25-40 min): When the session starts, I might be guided to use specific meditation music. I will make sure you have these available in advance so you can set this up in time and not be in a rush. And again the session will most likely last no longer than 40 minutes.

Post-session (20-30 min): since we are doing this online, this gives me the opportunity to record this part of the session. And besides that, you will also be sent an e-mail with all the relevant information from the session and also knowledge sources for further inquiry (when relevant).


My fee for a single multidimensional upgrade session (in person or online) is €88,-

I feel I need more than one session
It wouldn’t be very unusual for spirit to divide the upgrade sessions in multiple parts. This is because you are only able to handle so much at a time. If both of us feel that more sessions are needed, we can discuss a special package price. I only do another session if I really feel that this is needed…

I want coaching and help with implementing the guidance
When you feel excited about the session, but you feel you need help with implementing and integrating the results, we can discuss what is needed and come up with a special price for this.

I love to do a session, but I can’t afford it
If this is really the case for you, I will consider an alternative price for you. In such cases, I will always tune in with spirit and your higher self. This to make sure that this is also what is needed for you. Often we need to pay a price which is a little out of our comfortzone in order for us to really make the changes that are needed in our lives. Remember: your soul wants you to learn the lessons you have came to learn in this incarnation, and they are often not easy. If you want an easy and quick fix for your challenges, then a session with me is probably not what you need at this moment in time…

Payment options
You can pay through the Paypal link below;
You can make a direct bank transfer;
You can pay in cash.

A few testimonials (Dutch & English) from people who have worked with me

Ik heb de sessie ervaren als heel vertrouwd en ontspannen. Een golf van energie ging door me heen, alsof mijn batterij 10 keer opgeladen werd. De dagen erna voelde ik me stevig in mijn lijf, krachtig en helder.

Eline (Netherlands)

Verbinding, ontspanning, inzicht en vertrouwen

Noor (Netherlands)

Ik ken Miquel al een langere tijd en heb hem zien ontwikkelen door de jaren heen. Dat hij een bijzondere gave heeft heb ik laatst in een healing sessie met hem mogen ervaren. Doordat ik een chronische darmziekte heb genaamd Colitis Ulserosa, ervaar ik vaak pijn en andere klachten. Miquel heeft voor mijn buik een healing sessie gedaan. Doordat hij een persoon is waar je je al snel bij op je gemak voelt, kon ik mij gelijk ontspannen en open staan voor wat er zou komen. Tijdens deze sessie voelde ik dat een knelpunt in mijn rug die er al enige tijd zat in een keer veel minder werd. Na de sessie voelde het heel ontspannen aan. Vooralsnog is dit een aantal weken na de sessie nog steeds voelbaar. Ik ga zeker terug voor een vervolgsessie.

Naomi (Netherlands)

Thank you… EVERYTHING you said was exactly to the point! Very powerful and presented in such a beautifully flowing way

Anastasia (Cyprus)

My experience with you was really special for me. It felt like little waves and I also saw a picture. I saw a room with stuff and boxes. The boxes came out and the stuff got into it. Like cleaning up the mess in my head. It was really really cool.

Michaela (Austria)

Interested in working with me? Leave a message below and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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