A message & healing transmission from the Pleiadian Council of 7

Hello my dear readers, 

In the midst of all the fear and negativity surrounding the coronavirus, I want to offer you a perspective of hope, peace of mind, and love. The Pleiadian Council of 7 came through to me earlier today in my meditation, with a message to offer their healing energies tonight at 20:30 Amsterdam time (CET + 1) to everyone who feels out of alignment these days. Whether it is because of the Coronavirus news, or just in general. I want to welcome you tonight to participate in this group meditation & healing experience.

⭐What to expect?⭐

❤️ I will be channeling live healing energies from the higher realms, sent to you by the Pleiadian Council of 7. 
❤️ Any fear based frequencies will be blown out of your energy field.
❤️ The Pleiadians will also assist you in anchoring the vibration of love in your heart.
❤️ Last but not least, after the session you will have gained a new sense of clarity and peace of mind to stay calm and centered in these challenging times.

⭐How to join me?⭐

If you feel drawn to join me tonight: 

❤️please leave a message below; 
❤️send me a private message on FaceBook;
❤️or send me an email at info@miqueldeboer.com.

When signed up, I will send you a confirmation, containing the password for the Zoom channel and the specific piece of music they want you to listen to while receiving the transmission.

Brief introduction of the healing transmission by the Pleiadian Council of 7

“Yes, yes, yes, in these times of upheaval on your beloved planet Earth… we want to offer  our assistance, to raise the collective frequency of all the beings on planet Earth. We have been noticing how your collective consciousness has been creating negative influences by this so called coronavirus. 

We want to offer you our assistance, in helping you release any fear and to release your sense of negativity, while holding the vibration, and raising the vibration of love in your heart. We will be guiding this channel, in offering our vibrations. May it be of help to feel more at peace during these challenging times on your planet. We are the Pleiadian Council of 7, and we send you so much love, from our place in the higher realms of existence.”

You can also listen to this message on my YouTube channel 🎧

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