Who is Miquel?

About 6 years ago I started my conscious journey of remembering who I am and what my purpose is, here on planet Earth. What started with a book on meditation, to combat the signs of depression, has resulted in an amazing and ongoing journey, meeting wonderful people, attending inspiring workshops and diving deep into the inner world of my mind, body and spirit. I feel the time has come to share the fruits of my experience with you in order also for you to find more inner peace & harmony. Hopefully the information and resources on this website will help you to step into your full potential and help you to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Practical experience

In my years of exploring the vast and infinite aspects of the universe outside of me and within me, I have stumbled upon many interesting people and workshops. In my teachings and healing work I draw from a variety of teaching experiences from which I have outlined a few below.

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